Clera Inc.

Clera is a world leading private drug discovery and development company creating better medicines for aging related illness of the mind.

Clera is one of the few private drug discovery and development firms in the world with a wholly owned multiple clinical and pre-clinical drug pipeline targeting aging related illness of the mind.

Clera is targeting the massive aging related markets of Parkinson’s disease, cognition, Alzheimer’s and depression.

These markets are currently served by drugs which work poorly and have terrible side-effects.

Clera is developing better drugs with little to no side effects and currently has four drug programs with multiple compounds in various stages of development.

Clera has completed two successful Phase IIa clinical trials, in Parkinson's and depression/cognition. The Parkinson's trial yielded statistically significant results in patients with mild to moderate Parkinson's. In the depression trial, Clera's antidepressant showed improvement over placebo and demonstrated significant promise in the secondary tested indication of cognition.